A new MP is coming to East Wight, but voting just got harder

Here's everything you need to know to make sure you can vote at the next General Election

There are new voting rules

Photo ID is now required at the voting booth

From 4th May, new laws mean you need photo ID to vote in person. Many commentators say the Conservatives have introduced this law to make it harder for young people to vote.

Check you have suitable photo ID - or sidestep this problem by registering for a postal vote - see next box. List of acceptable photo IDs

If you don't have an accepted photo ID (e.g. licence or passport)

Option 1:
Register now to vote by post. This avoids the need for photo ID. You must already be registered to vote. If not, see next box.

- Print out then complete and sign this postal application form.
(in box 2, we suggest ticking 'until further notice')

- Email a photo of the signed form to your local council saying you're applying for a postal vote (or pop it in the post to the address on the form)

Option 2:
It's probably best to apply for the postal vote (above) but if you want to vote in person, apply for a FREE photo ID certificate using this form. This is a new free certificate for people with no photo ID. You'll need a passport photo and your national insurance number.

Registering to vote (or checking you're registered)

Register to vote if you've never voted before or have changed name or address. It's all online and super quick, and it's not a problem if it turns out you have already registered.

Register to vote online
It's really quick - you just need your national insurance number to hand.

Not sure if you're registered?
Email your local council to ask if you're registered to vote and whether you are registered to vote by post.


Note for University Students

Your vote here in East Wight is likely to have the most impact. Check the latest polls by constituency, and if your uni town isn't likely to go Conservative, you'll have most impact by voting here.

1. Register to vote online (if you've already registered at uni, you can register again here)

2. Apply for a postal vote (print form and email)
(in box 2, we suggest ticking 'until further notice')

3. Email a picture of the signed postal vote form to your local council:

4. Set a reminder to check that you receive confirmation through the post.

Please do make sure you're registered to vote.
Do it now whilst you're thinking about it!