Taking the Guesswork Out of Tactical Voting

A fair way to choose one progressive candidate to unite behind at the next general election

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A new MP for a new constituency

Our First Past The Post voting system means it’s likely that we'll send another Conservative back to Westminster despite a progressive majority.

By working together we can avoid vote splitting, and send a progressive MP to Westminster to represent residents in
East Wight.
Animation of voting slips being placed in a voting box

We need bold new leadership for the challenges ahead but our failing voting system favours the status quo.

Conservative MPs have won in the Isle of Wight constituency since 2001, with numerous occasions of vote splitting

Animation of vote slips being put into a voting box

The Primary helps us choose a single opposition candidate for the next general election.

The Conservative party is a big tent, spanning a huge range of views from the likes of Ken Clarke MP to Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss who helped crash our economy.

But the opposition is fragmented, giving this irresponsible government absolute power on a minority vote.

Let's rally behind a single progressive candidate whose values the majority of us share.

Animation showing vote slips being placed in a voting box
Photograph of George Monbiot, journalist with The Gaussian newspaper

"This simple, local idea, which enhances our trust in each other, could transform our political system"

George Monbiot - The Guardian