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There is no clear tactical choice in East Wight to beat the Conservatives on 4th July

We are asking local progressive voters to choose for ourselves the best tactical candidate in a secure online poll 16th – 19th June.  If we don’t vote together, our split votes will let the Conservatives in again.

In this video one of East Wight Primary's founders, Charity Garnett, explains why we exist. Why we are needed. Why we need you to help choose which of the three progressive candidates is our tactical vote ... our People's Champion.

Co-founder Charity Garnett explains why we are organising the East Wight Primary

Our process

Step 1: Build the community

We have been working for the last eight months to build a network to take our message to the widest possible audience.  
The East Wight Primary NEEDS YOU!

Please tell your East Wight friends and family we can win if we work together.

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Step 2: Assess the candidates

Now is the time to  question the three progressive candidates to inform our choice of tactical vote.

We will share the candidate's policies and answers to questions that are key to Islanders.

There will be many hustings in East Wight – go and see the candidates in action – we will publish details.

Step 3: Choose the People's Champion

We will hold a secure online vote between 16th and 19th June.

Anyone registered to vote in the East Wight constituency can apply for a free ticket to receive the secure voting link.

The winner of the poll will be declared the People's Champion.

Step 4: Campaign to Win

Once selected, we unite behind  the People’s Champion.

Uniting is the only way to reduce vote splitting and ensure a progressive MP for East Wight.

Lets do this!

Help choose the People's Champion.
Get your free ticket to vote in our online poll.

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We have many supporters who are ...

Loyal Green, Labour or Lib Dem voters who know they need to vote tactically

They see that the three progressive parties have more in common than they have differences. So they are prepared to put their own loyalty to one side, to ensure the Conservative Party do not win yet again.

They know that their vote could be diluted and wasted if they were to stick with the party they’ve historically voted for.
They want to end 23 years of Conservative rule on the Island. They understand the importance of working WITH people from other parties to achieve that.

Conservative voters disillusioned with the ever further drift to the right

They have grown disillusioned with those currently running our country. The party they’ve been loyal to has changed from what it was.

They feel their party has lost its way.

They feel let down by abandoned promises.

They also feel uncomfortable that the party leaders are too right-wing.

As a result, these voters are reconsidering their support. They seek an alternative that returns to the centre with inclusive and community focussed policies.

Tactical voters who want to actively choose the best option

They have often switched parties, depending on who they thought was best placed to beat their local MP. They understand that working together is the only truly tactical way to vote.

They need to assess which candidate has the strongest chance of defeating the Conservatives.

East Wight Primary will provide the clarity as to who has the most local public support. With YOUR support we can minimise the numbers of wasted votes and get a victory.

Help choose the People's Champion.
Get your free ticket to vote in our online poll.

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General Election on 4th July

Voter ID

This will be the first General Election where everyone will have to provide an accepted form of ID.

You must have ID to vote.

Act quickly to get registered and to get ID.

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How to vote

Many people have never voted before and we know some are put off because of this.

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Voter support

Local volunteers will provide transport to and from polling booths. Sign up to our email list (below) if you:

• Would be willing to volunteer, or
• Would like transport, or
• You know someone who would like transport.

Closer to the time we will send emails to help coordinate.

Help choose the People's Champion.
Get your free ticket to vote in our online poll.

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