Unite Vote Win

The East Wight Primary is giving local people the chance to choose for themselves, who is the best candidate to beat the conservatives in East Wight.
Together we will take the guesswork out of tactical voting.

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Please register to attend one of our meetings across East Wight in March.

Together let's build our tactical voting community.

With the withdrawal of the Liberal Democrat candidate, and Labour not yet announcing theirs, we have change our plan to Vote Together.

We will use our meetings to accelerate our community building, extending our already significant reach.

Once all parties have candidates, and the manifestos have been published, we'll collectively attend hustings, write emails, ask questions on the street. We'll get answers to the questions that are important to us in East Wight and publish them.

Closer to the election date we will have our vote. This will be controlled just as the voting at our in-person meetings were planned to be. It is likely to allow both online and in-person voting (whilst ensuring one person, one vote of course).

With the vote counted and announced we will mobilise our community in spreading the reason to vote for our chosen People's Champion.

We have so many shared values. Even if the People's Champion isn't from your favourite party, we ask everyone to get behind them, and help them to victory.
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