Help choose the
People's Champion

East Wight Primary will hold a secure online poll for you to choose the People's Champion. Polling will run from 6am on Sunday 16th June until 11:59pm on Wednesday 19th June. We are using an established, secure, online polling platform.

Register to take part in our People's Champion poll

Be a registered voter

You can only take part in our online poll if you are registered to vote in the East Wight constituency.

You can check if you are in East Wight here:


We are using the Eventbrite ticketting service so that we can:

We need your formal name and address exactly as it appears on the Electoral Register so Victoria not Vicky, or Frederick not Fred, etc.

We will also need the first line of your address and your postcode.

The email you use to book your Eventbrite ticket will be the email address we use to send your secure online poll to.

You do not have to create an account on Eventbrite. Just click the "Reserve" button and fill out the details. The form to collect the additional details will pop up after the initial ticket, please wait to fill that in. Your registration is not valid without it.

We will also automatically add you to our email list (if you are not already subscribed). This is so that you receive important updates from us.

Ticket booking will CLOSE at noon on Saturday 15th June.

The online poll

At 6am on Sunday 16th June our polling platform will send a secure link to everyone who has a validated ticket.

You will have until 11:59pm on Wednesday 19th June to use the secure link.

We will announce the chosen People's Champion on the morning of Thursday 20th June in time to meet press deadlines.

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