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We are tired of tribalism in the centre and left of politics. We have each voted for Labour, Lib Dem and Green in the past, according to which one had the greatest chance of victory. If you live in this constituency, please sign up to support and take part in the East Wight Primary.
charity Garnett
"I am a nurse at St Mary’s and a community and climate campaigner.  I have campaigned for Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens in the past – whichever was best placed to beat the conservatives.  I feel that we urgently need to work together to address the multiple challenges we face.  I am passionate about younger people having a voice in our society, especially at a time when 1 million children in Britain are experiencing destitution. 

Under our current voting system, I think it is a tragedy that you can’t say to young person, ‘your vote matters’ because mostly, it doesn’t. I would much rather be campaigning about issues, but we have to work together to overcome the challenges of our voting system, to get the representation, to address the urgent issues…

I believe that we can do so much better than we are doing in creating a fairer, kinder, happier society, which respects our environment as the basis of our life. Please sign up and come and get involved!"

Email: contact@eastwightprimary.org
Maureen O'Flynn
“I am incredibly excited about the whole concept of East Wight Primary. It's a perfect moment with a newly formed constituency to try to do things differently. I fully support the approach that East Wight Primary is taking, and am further motivated by the fact that we are one of a number of constituencies around the country that are doing the same thing.

I am thrilled to be part of an effort to encourage greater democracy and participation in the way we select MPs.

I have a teaching background and have been working for many years as an independent consultant for the not-for-profit sector. I choose to work with organisations that work to address issues around poverty and injustice. Among other things, I facilitate workshops, run training sessions and coach and mentor leaders and managers who are working to develop meaningful strategies.  I am Island born and I live in Wootton."

Email: contact@eastwightprimary.org

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