Campaigning Resources

Make a Video

Thank you for feeling inspired to film a short video to say why you are supporting the EWP champion (Vix Lothian Green Party).

Here are some instructions to follow:

  1. Hold your phone steady in landscape rather than portrait.
  2. Make sure you are somewhere quiet and there is no background noise
  3. Shoot in daylight, ideally side on to a window (not with the light behind you) and if outside try not to be in direct sunlight.
  4. Try to keep under a minute
  5. Include your name, town/village where you live, and why you are supporting the EWP People's Champion (feel free to include here things supporting the Green candidate even though your political allegiance is elsewhere & why that is important, how the EWP process is a more reliable indication of the real tactical choice as voted by local people & not decided by an algorithm etc)
  6. Please email the video to us:

Deadline: Monday 24th June.

Print at home posters

Here are downloadable resources that you can use to promote our People's Champion.

I'm usually Conservative, but lending my vote to Vix Lowthion


I'm usually Labour, but lending my vote to Vix Lowthion


I'm usually Lib Dem, but lending my vote to Vix Lowthion


I'm supporting the EWP People's Champion: Vix Lowthion


Upcoming Events

Places and times to canvass support and hand out leaflets

East Wight Primary Events

Other Events

DateTime LocationEvent
21-Jun19.30 -21-30Ventnor Arts Club comedy night
22-Jun12.00-16.00WroxallOpen garden for charity
22-Jun19.30 -22.00RydePoo Fest
23-Jun10.00-12.00Yaverland Dip and Sip
24-JunSeaviewSummer Pink Party?
28-Jun18.00-21.00RydeMy wild sound bath
29-JunMedina Theatre Newport Bootleg Shadows
29-Jun12.00-16.00Shanklin - LuccombeGarden Party
29-Jan09.30 -17.00Sandown Wild heart Animal sanctuaryFOCAS festival
29-Jun10.00-17.00Newport harbour Biosphere Festival
29-Jun14.30-17.00Quarr AbbeyAfternoon Opera
29-Jun18.00-20.00ShanklinVectis Brass band outdoor concert
30-Jun10.00-12.00Yaverland Dip and Sip
30-Jun14.30-17.00Quarr AbbeyAfternoon Opera
30-Jun09.30 -17.00Newport harbour Biosphere Festival
30-JunRyde Esplanade Armed Forces Day
02-JulHavenstreet Railway Fish and chips Night
01-Jul10.30-11.30Quarr AbbeyAudience with Magr Varden

Graphics & Digital Assets

YouTube Short


Useful News Links

On The Wight report on Vix as the Poeple's Champion

Island Echo announce Vix wins hustings exit poll

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